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Ideas for a Virtual Disney Run Costume

Okay, so we cannot go out and run with our squads whenever we want right now. However, virtual runs let us still get together, run either in place or on a treadmill and look great doing it, rain or shine. Just to keep your sparkle going strong, we put together a selection of fun ideas for a virtual Disney run costume.

Good Fairy/ Bad Fairy

There are good fairies and naughty ones in the Disney universe and we can accommodate both moods in your running outfit. If you’re feeling like a good fairy for your virtual run, suit up in our Lime Green Sparkle Running Skirt, Fairy Wing Shwings and

Brave Wings Tank in Lime. You can further accessorize with pompoms for your shoes and matching sleeves then top off your look with one of our fun visors. If you want to be a dark fairy, get the same pieces but go for black for a marvelously Maleficent look.

You can go as your favorite Magical Kingdom Mouse too! For a true Minnie look, we have red polka dot shorts, skirt, leggings and compression socks. Also a matching headband. Tie the look together with a black tank top and matching red and white polkadot bows for your hair.  If you’re feeling more Mickey for your virtual run outfit, think red and black and we have plenty to offer for choices. Red running skirt and a black tank or red running shorts. Red sleeves and red leggings create a fun visual along with one of our visors and add your own little black ears on top!

We can’t wait to see what you put together for your virtual Disney Run costume! For more information about our apparel, or any questions about our virtual run events, contact our team today or get a hold of us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @sparkleathletic and tag us at #teamsparkle.

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