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2010 Virginia Beach Rock ‘n Roll Marathon



1. Name: Cassie

2.Tell us about your past race/running experience: I did my first 13.1 at the Baltimore Marathon with a girl friend and ever since then I have been hooked. To date I have done:
5K Turkey Trot,5K Figgy Pudding Run, 5K Polar Bear Beach Run, 10K Clyde’s and the VB 1/2 marathon. I will run my first ever full marathon on 10-16-10 in Baltimore and plan to wear a sparkle skirt to that!

3. What race did you run? Rock and Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon. This is my first race of many. I plan to do 50 races in 50 states.

4. Why did you sign up for this race? Well for 2 reasons no make that 3. The first one was because it was held at a beach location not that far from home and it happen to fall the weekend of my birthday. The 2nd reason was because I have never run an event by my self and always had run with in 5K, 10K, 13.1’s and I felt it was time to try it even though i was scared. The 3rd and last reason was the medal. As soon as I saw that bling I had to have it!

5. What/who inspires you to run? The most inspiring thing about running is how you feel after you have finished and crossed. So I believe that is why I am hooked on running events and not just running around the neighborhood for exercise. The little old lady walk/running and the little old man who is fully running inspire me to make sure that when I am at the age they are, I am a healthy runner as well. Also the biggest looser guy I saw at the VB who was running at the pace he was comfortable. I didn’t see him on the course but I saw him at the finish and he was all smiles and crying. That is very inspiring to see him make his goal and dream.

6. What is your best training tip? Find a goal and stick to it. Drink plenty of H2O, and rest rest rest! Don’t forget to smile the whole time because you never know if your smile might be seen by someone struggling threw pain and injury or about to walk. I saw someone smile one time at me just as I was about to walk and it helped. I didn’t walk.

7. Water or Sports Drink? Water if they offer Cytomax because it is not for me. I think it is sickly sweet and I don’t think that is good for when you are running an event.My favorite to drink is G2 by Gatorade but I only drink that when I am home on the treadie or running the roads of my neighborhood. Even G2 can be a little too sweet as well.

8. Tell us about the outcome of the race: I finished 2 hours 24min and didn’t keep pace with what I wanted to because I drank that last bottle of water while waiting for the start. I was so nervous to run by my self for the first time with out any of my friends with me in the event. So around mile 8 is where my pace went off and I got in the bathroom line that seemed to be 20min long when it really was only 5min but when you are counting on just a quick stop every second feels like 5min. I also saw a girl on the course who was having an asthma attack and in need of some help with her inhaler in her pack so I did stop for 1 or 2min and assist her so I really feel I finished strong with all those obstacles in front of me.

9. Your favorite post-race indulgence? At this race I had a wonderful yummy Tabasco Slim Jim (my secret favorite treat) the free beer at the end and 4 YES 4 rock pop popsicles. They were such a wonderful surprise and treat. Other events I run in with my girl friends I enjoy the brunch!

10. Favorite part of racing in a Sparkle Skirt? I would say the best part of running in a sparkle skirt is the skirt! It is so cute and made me feel so good. I had so many runners come up to me while running and ask “where did you get that skirt? I have to have one!” part of the 13.1 spend 3.5 miles on a Military Base full of hunks yelling out……Ohhh momma in the hot blue sparkle skirt! Well when you have a bunch of hunky men yelling at you who are fit the last thing you want to do is walk or look like you are having a hard battle to finish. It made me run with better form and more pride. I love the skirt!

Additional info:
Blog: http://allaboutmiloandme.blogspot.com

* Cassie & one of her best friends Mary-Michael both ran their first “solo” 1/2 Marathons, on the same day, on opposite coasts, each while wearing a Traveling Sparkle Skirt.  It just goes to show, racing is always easier when you know you have a team “at your back,” even if you’re team is on the other side of the country. Read about Mary-Michael’s Traveling Sparkle Skirt experience HERE.

The Traveling Sparkle Skirts are a pair of Sparkle Athletic Running Skirts (one Hot Pink & one Turquoise) that travel the globe spreading the Sparkle Athletic love. Read more stories of the Traveling Sparkle Skirts HERE.

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