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2010 Disneyland Half Marathon

1.Name: Mary-Michael

2.Tell us about your past race/running experience: Though I’ve been running for years, this is my first year of running competitively.  Since October of 2009, I’ve participated in 4 1/2 marathons and 2 5Ks.  This race was my 4th Half Marathon.

3. What race did you run? The Disneyland Half Marathon

4. Why did you sign up for this race? I signed up for this race because I had run the “Princess Half Marathon” in Walt Disney World in March of this year with my younger sister.  I had hoped that she would sign up too and be able to join me, but the race sold out before she was able to, making this thie very first race I ran alone.

5. What/who inspires you to run? My girlfriends.  I used to run only for some cardiovascular exercise, but now it’s more social – and lots more fun!!  I love running with them, and we help each other through running injuries, pains, fears, etc.  It’s made us closer friends!

6. What is your best training tip? Listen to your body!  Even if your traing schedule dictates that you are supposed to run a certain distance or a certain time, if your body is not feeling right or needs a rest, PAY ATTENTION!  Always rest if need be.  You will prevent injuries and it will make you a stronger athlete in the long-term.

7. Water or Sports Drink? Both! Especially on hot days – sometimes I poor water on my neck & drink the sports drink. :)

8. Tell us about the outcome of the race: I set a new PR of 2:11:58 – 12 minutes faster than my previous one!! HOORAY!!  I was VERY excited because I wasn’t even expecting or trying to beat my previous time.  I was recovering from a foot injury and still weary about re-injuring myself, so I was pleasantly surprised when I’d realized how fast I’d gone!

9. Your favorite post-race indulgence? Brunch””especially Pancakes!!

10. Favorite part of racing in a Sparkle Skirt? Well, obviously I loved the snazzy look I was sporting. :) But also, I loved seeing the Team Sparkle girls on the sidelines during my race.  It was right around mile 12 & I was tiring out a little bit.  Seeing them and having them cheer me on helped reenergize me for that last 1.1 miles!

* May-Michael & one of her best friends Cassie both ran their first “solo” 1/2 Marathons, on the same day, on opposite coasts, each while wearing a Traveling Sparkle Skirt.  It just goes to show, racing is always easier when you know you have a team “at your back,” even if you’re team is on the other side of the country. Read about Cassie’s Traveling Sparkle Skirt experience HERE.

The Traveling Sparkle Skirts are a pair of Sparkle Athletic Running Skirts (one Hot Pink & one Turquoise) that travel the globe spreading the Sparkle Athletic love. Read more stories of the Traveling Sparkle Skirts HERE.

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