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Wine and Dine Virtual Run

COVID-19 affected a lot of outdoor running races in 2020, but the Wine and Dine Run is still on. Sparkle Athletic is putting out this fun little guide for how to get the most out of this event. Our goal is the same as always, we want to bring people together who love to be active, run and sparkle while doing it!

How to Participate in a Virtual Run:

1- Put together your own signature Sparkle Athletic look with our tops, running skirts, leggings and accessories.

2- Choose some place to run, walk, roll, jog on a treadmill for the amount of time that is right for your fitness level goals at any pace. The key is to keep it fun and positive and embrace the theme of the run – in this case: Wine and Dine Rally.

3- Take photos or a short video and use the hashtags #WineandDineRally #TeamSparkleVirtualRun on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we give out virtual medals!

Bring your friends, Zoom group or family to participate, we believe in the more the merrier! If you need assistance putting together the perfect running outfit that fits your own personal style, talk to us, we are always happy to assist you in choosing the size or style you need. See you at the Wine and Dine Run! For more information about our apparel, or any questions about our virtual run events, contact our team today or get a hold of us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @sparkleathletic

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