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FREE Shipping on all US orders $50+

Women’s Running Shorts with Pockets

Upgrade Your Wardrobe with Women’s Running Shorts with Pockets

One of the critical aspects of running is having the right clothes to carry your essentials. Team Sparkle offers a variety of women’s running shorts with pockets to that end so that you can enjoy tons of functionality in your clothes while cranking the fabulousness up to 11!

Why pocket shorts? For one, you have a space for all of your essentials! Pockets aren’t just on the sides of the shorts. The waistband and zippered pockets provide security as well as easy access to a variety of essentials like your phone and wallet. Need more? Our premium pocket running shorts are two layers that offer comfortable compression and moisture-wicking, a lightweight looseness that provides the perfect balance of comfort and utility.

Our shorts come in a variety of fun colors and patterns and are ready to be coordinated with your wardrobe as well as other Team Sparkle apparel! We offer both standard black running shorts as well as looser-fit, colorful geometric patterns and feathers. Our two-in-one pocket running shorts come in red with white polka dots and adorable cat patterns.

To preserve your safety in style, we also offer pre-orders on fashionable face masks that are both safe and comfortable. We want our communities to be able to run freely and safely. Patterns available include many Sparkle favorites like donuts, mermaid scales, unicorns, and red with white polka dots!

Sparkle Athletic, has a variety of comfy, cute, and functional options for runners looking for a perfect balance of practicality and glam. For more information about our women’s running shorts with pockets or any of our other available apparel, contact us to find out more.

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