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FREE Shipping on all US orders $50+

Pocket Running Shorts Are Perfect for You

While Sparkle is in our name, Sparkle Athletic is more than just your favorite place to pick up the best in glittery workout apparel. We offer tons of practical options that are ideal for both casual and avid runners, including pocket running shorts that provide the best of both loose shorts and running tights.

If you’ve never worn a pair, you may wonder if pocket running shorts are the ideal option for you. Consider these benefits:

  • Minimize chafing and discomfort. Why get cute shorts if they aren’t comfortable, too? Our pocket running shorts two-layer system addresses the chafing that can come from short shorts and the riding up that can come from shorts that don’t sit at the right height. Our shorts have both layers attached and are made to sit a couple of inches below the waist with a broad, stretchy elastic band that provides a no-slip grip.
  • They have pockets! The added storage for all your essentials is a massive relief. 2-in-1 shorts are the ideal options for keeping your keys, wallet, and other tiny must-haves in safe places. That’s why our pocket shorts feature hidden and roomy pockets–including a zippered pocket.
  • Coverage where you want it. It’s okay to feel a little self-conscious about wearing shorter shorts, especially if you’re not used to them for your workouts. The black undershorts provide coverage so that you can boldly wear colorful and fun outer shell layers without a care in the world.

Let Team Sparkle help you find the perfect apparel to round out your workout wardrobe. Whether you need pocket running shorts, cute tops, HEADSWEATS-style visors, or adorable running skirts decked out in sequins, we want to ensure that you feel as fabulous as you look at all times. For more information on our clothing options, group deals, or costume guides, contact us online, and we will be more than happy to help!

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