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FREE Shipping on all US orders $50+

What To Wear Under Your Sparkle Running Skirt

It’s a question we get all the time here at Sparkle Athletic: “What should I wear under my sparkle running skirt?”. Our response: “Whatever you’d like.”

As you’ve probably already realized, our sparkle running skirts do NOT include shorts. The reason for this is simple… we know what it’s like to have a favorite pair of running shorts, compression shorts, or leggings that you prefer to wear while running. We designed our skirts with this in mind, which means you can wear our sparkle running skirts over everything (& anything)  you already love to run in.

We want you to be comfortable. And sparkly! Why sacrifice one when you can have both?

Some #teamsparkle members swear by their lucky leggings, while others rock their favorite running shorts (or even running skirt) underneath. That’s the beauty of our skirts, you don’t need to wear anything “special” to wear underneath…  whatever you normally wear, whatever is already in your closet is most likely perfect for wearing under our skirts.

Our lightweight sparkle running skirts will help you shine, whether you’re running to win or just running for fun. So run like a girl. Be loud. Be confident. Be noticed. Be Awesome. Join #teamsparkle.

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