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FREE Shipping on all US orders $50+

The Magic of Running Conference SPEAKERS

The “Magic of Running” is a 3-day Virtual Running Conference that we have created for runners of all levels and ages.

Registration to the “Magic of Running” includes:

•3 jam-packed, content filled days, a group workout, run, happy hour
•Exclusive access to conference replays
•Access to private Conference Facebook Group
•Exclusive conference SWAG BOX which will include a conference tote bag, workout towel, conference workbook, & samples/ discounts from our generous sponsors (which includes Built Bar, American Dream Nut Butter, Momentum, Nooty, Fluffy Fizzies, Caterpy, RooSport, Looksee Studio, Nuun, Pain Cakes, Beamco, and more!)

Sounds pretty awesome huh?! Well wait until you see who we have lined up to speak…

The Magic of Running Speakers

The Magic of Running: Friday

Our Friday speaker is Jenn Masamitsu, 4-time runDisney winner & Olympic trial participant.

The Magic of Running: Saturday

Our Saturday speaker line up includes:

Monica Olivas (@runeatrepeat), Carissa Galloway (@carissaanneg), Heather Jenson (@triandrungirl), Kristen Griffin (@kgriff_run), Sarah Bergman (@Sarah.runs.away), Cristina Dunn (@littlebeastling aka the “Bra-vangelist”), Jen Davis (@pinkcupcakegirl) and more.

A virtual happy hour, Q&A with a panel of charity runners, and break out rooms with close off our day.

The Magic of Running: Sunday

Sunday morning will start with a ZOOM run, followed by a session on all things costuming, and our final session – a q&a with our panel of running community experts which will include Jay Ell Alexander (@officialblackgirslrun), Kristen Bussey (The Run Princess Family), Shelly Barney (@instarunclub), Emelia Cellura (Women’s Running Community), Brian Kelley (@werunsocial) and more.

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