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The Magic of Flat Lay Photography

Whether you are racing or training, it’s always fun for us to see pictures of YOUR #FlatSparkle (pictures of the clothes & gear you are rocking). Luckily, creating an awesome #FlatSparkle picture is nearly as hard or as complicated as you might think… you just need to implement a few elements of flat lay photography.

Check out these tips and tricks courtesy of Julia Warren of lookseestudio.com.

The Anatomy of a Magical Flat Lay

Some things to think about when creating YOUR #flatsparkle as seen in @311_estvegan‘s pic:

* intentional layering
* some items on a straight “grid”
* cohesive them and color palette
* adequate space between props
* matte blackground
* well-lit with natural light
* photo taken from bird’s eye view
* props of different sizes to show scales
* textures are incorporated
* create movement & interest with some items at an angle

Flat Lay Photography Tips

  1. Always starts with a clean lens: wipe your camera lens with a cloth before you begin
  2. Take photos near a natural light source, avoid using a flash or overhead lighting
  3. Gather more props that you will need – create a focal point… experiment
  4. Lay props on a matte surface. Shiny surfaces may cause unwanted shadows and highlights.
  5. Rotate your items to see how shadows land, then finalize your placement.
  6. Check your camera settings. Turn off “LIVE” setting and shoot in HDR mode.
  7. Stand on a stool or chair for height. Keep your hand supported and steady.
  8. Shoot the photo wide so you have more material to use when cropping.
  9. To choose the strongest photo, review several in thumbnail view for a quick comparison.
  10. The native photo editor on your phones your friend. Or try Lightroom, VSCO, Snapseed, Canva, etc.










Download/ view the entire presentation HERE.

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