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The Magic of a Well Fitting Sports Bra

Unlocking the magic of a well fitting sports bra can sometimes be a daunting task. In fact, most breasted people experience 5+ major size changes in their lifetime. However with the proper measurements, you can zoom be on the road to better bras relations.

We are going to ditch the chafing, slipping, digging, doubling-up, and more thanks to Christina Dunn, aka the “bravangelist”. She’s a sub-5’4” force who is a professional boob whisperer with 18 years of industry experience and a knack for brablem solving with 18+ years of experience fitting bras.

Sports Bra Fit: Measuring How-To

For a fitting you’ll need:

* A tailor’s tape or other flexible measuring tape (ideal), printable measuring tape, or even a long string/ showplace that can be marked, and a roller.
* Something to write your measurements down with
* Something already on the body being measured, such as a shelf cami, pullover sports bra, or anything that helps with an “honest” representation of who is being measured
* Patience and a good sense of humor (strongly recommended)

Sports Bra Fit: Measurements

The measurements to take are:

* Under the arms, all the way around
* Around the fullest point of the bust
* Under the bust, where the band lies

For more information on unlocking the magic of a well fitted sports bra, check out & download the following images.

Bra talk how-to sheet: Download HERE.



Printable measuring tape: Download HERE.
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