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#TeamSparkle Patriotic Virtual Run


Races may have been cancelled, but that doesn’t been running has been. But we realize just how motivating “running for the bling” truly can be, which is why we have created the #teamsparkle virtual runseries… this way we can still run together (at least virtually that is).

Each week we will introduce a new theme (this weekend it’s the #teamsparkle PATRIOTIC virtual run in honor of Memorial Day. Whether you rock our stars sparkle running skirt, stars running leggings, or our super patriotic stars & stripes compression socks, this is the perfect time to rock the red, white & blue.

Our Patriotic Virtual Run is the perfect way to add some fun to YOUR run this weekend.  So grab a friend (or two), and encourage them to “run” with you (virtually of course).

Why Participate in a Virtual Run?

There are so many people that are just taking up running… although races may have been postponed or canceled, running hasn’t. A virtual running event is a perfect way to start your fitness journey, or keep yourself motivated during these uncertain time. You can participate where and when you want. It’s a race all on your own terms!

Patriotic Virtual Run

Participating in our weekend running events is super easy. Here’s how you can join in on the fun:

Step 1

Choose a running location that is safe and comfortable or work out at home! You can run, walk, jog, bike, hit the treadmill, or engage in your preferred cardio activity.

Download a #teamsparkle Patriot Virtual Run bib:

patriotic-virtual-run-numbered-bib patriotic-virtual-run-numbered-bib

Step 3

Make sure to wear something that fits the theme, & snap some pics and videos and share them on social media! Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we want to see what you’ve got going on. Tag your pics with hashtags like #teamsparkle, #flatsparkle, and #teamsparklevirtualrun. We’ll be sharing your awesome patriotic inspired outfits, virtual medals, and anything else you wish to add to your workout story.

Step 4

Invite friends, family, your running group, and anyone else who wishes to join to get in on the fun of the Disney Inspired Virtual Run! The more, the merrier. We want to bring the community together and cheer everyone on during their exercise efforts.

Step 5

Make sure to follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram & twitter), so you are notified when we post your VIRTUAL medal.

While the races we may have originally planned on participating in this weekend are no longer able to happen, we can still have a super awesome good time. If you have any questions, or want more information about our Super Hero Virtual Run, or have a suggestion for a future theme, contact us on our site or on social media today for more information.



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