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FREE Shipping on all US orders $50+

#teamsparkle Global Running Day virtual run

We know you love to run, so we’re pretty sure you’re already planning to “celebrate” global running day with a run… we are too. Which got us thinking – how AWESOME would it be if #teamsparkle could celebrate by running TOGETHER? We may not be able to physically run together, but we can virtually.

We invite you to SPARKLE with us on June 7th. Let’s celebrate running AND our amazing #teamsparkle community all at the same time. Now through June 7th, you can add a FREE “#teamsparkle bib” to any order here; or we have two bib options that you can print out below (one features a number, and one is blank so you write in your own number, or name).

Whether you run a mile, ten, or any other mileage – we encourage you to sparkle.

There may not be a medal at the end, but if you “RSVP” that you’ll be joining us on our Facebook event page you’ll be enter to win a #teamsparkle prize pack. AND when you post your Global Running day pics to social media (don’t forget to tag #teamsparkle), you’ll be entered for another chance to win.

We can’t wait for you to SPARKLE with us on June 7th.

numbered-bib blank-bib