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“Strong Ladies That Move” Running Playlist

Looking for some tunes to get you pumped for your run? Never fear, Sparkle Athletic is here and we’ve got you covered!

Next up is a running playlist from Linzie, aka @sharpendurance on social media.

“Strong Ladies That Move” Running Playlist by @sharpendurance

Hey Team Sparkle also known as Team Awesome! I know there are lots of people that may need a hand in building the right playlist for the right moment. If you are anything like me, music drives you. It is truly part of who I am at my core. When Sparkle asked me to lend a hand a curate a playlist for the blog, I couldn’t resist. They gave me full control (which is always dangerous you never know what the heck I will do) to create something that keeps people motivated and moving. The first thing that came to mind was strong women in entertainment. Women that work hard and inspire other women to do the same. This is how the “Strong Ladies That Move” playlist was born. I tried to build the playlist in such a way that it started easy, progressed into a faster pace, and relaxed back into a nice groove as you celebrate your accomplishment. It’s an hour of pure fun and high energy and I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t listen to music while you run, that’s totally cool. This playlist is great for the car, walking the dog, making dinner, doing Sudoku, whatever floats your boat!
“ËœIndependent Women, Pt. I’ by Destiny’s Child
“ËœWhat About Us’ by Brandy
“ËœCan’t Hold Us Down’ by Christina Aguilera
“ËœIf’ by Janet Jackson”ËœLose Control’ by Missy Elliott, Fatma
“ËœCircus’ by Britney Spears
‘Gimmie Dat’ by Ciara
“ËœWhat About Your Friends’ by TLC
“ËœFantasy’ by Mariah Carey, O.D.B.
“ËœFocus’ by Ariana Grande
‘Lady Marmalade’ by Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, Pink
‘Play’ by Jennifer Lopez
‘All Hands on Deck’ by Tinashe
‘Freakum Dress’ by Beyonce
‘Part Of Me’ by Katy Perry

We may be a little bias, but we think the song choices Linzie made will help kick your running playlist up a notch. No matter your distance or speed, these songs are just the tunes to get your feet moving as you head out the door. We all know how music can effect our moods and even our workouts. As runners we often turn to music for motivation and, at times, to take our mind off of the miles. Having the perfect song at the right moment, whether it be when you are conquering a long run or tackling a fast interval on the treadmill, can be the difference between ending your run on a high note or simply finishing flat.

The #teamsparkle community is such an amazing resource that we want to hear from YOU to find out what you are listening to, what is helping you to rock your runs and what is a must on every runner’s playlist. The best songs have the ability to keep us going mile after mile and we want to be a resource for one another so that we can run longer, run faster, but also run happy. Some songs may be old, some songs may be new, some songs may be trendy, some songs may be underground, but as long as the beats are pumping and inspiring us to put one foot in front of the other, then it is music to our ears!

If you’d like to be featured on an upcoming Sparkle Athletic “Running Playlist“ post, please email us at runningplaylist@sparkleathletic.com. We’d love to hear what songs made your cut and which ones we should add to our ever-growing playlist.

**Please remember to use caution when listening to music while running, especially if you are pounding the pavement outdoors. A few suggestions would be to run with one earbud out or to do your best to keep the volume low enough so you can clearly hear your surroundings. It may be hard, especially when you want to rock out to your favorite track, but safety first!**

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