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Sparkle Skirts for Running

Let’s face it – when it comes to choosing what to wear while running, you have lots of different options… shorts, leggings, even skirts. & While we are definitely biased, we prefer running in sparkle skirts. There’s something almost magical about running in a sparkle skirt – you will get compliments, a few will stare, your friends and family will be able to spot you from a mile away. But most of all, running in a sparkle skirt is FUN. & We know from experience, when you put the fun back in your run – everything else seems to fall perfectly into place.

Still worried that running in a sparkle skirt isn’t for you? Here’s a list of some of our favorite things about running in a sparkle skirt…

group of women running in sparkle skirts

Why Run in Sparkle Skirts

* Sparkle Athletic sparkle skirts are super light weight & comfortable. The elastic waistband sits snug on your hips (ensuring it won’t move around on you), and is super stretchy (so if you’re between sizes, we generally suggest you order down).

  • * Our sparkle skirts are designed to be a “shell,” meaning you can wear your running skirt over whatever you already love to run in. We want you to be comfortable, so pair your sparkle running skirt with your favorite running shorts, compression shorts, or running leggings.
  • * We believe that running is more enjoyable, when you’re having fun. So, all of our products, but especially our sparkle skirts, are designed to inspire athletes to “put the fun back in their run.” It’s hard not to smile when your rocking sparkly, colorful, attractive running apparel. Plus, you’ll make everyone who sees you smile too, which generally results in a few extra cheers.
  • * Dressing for a theme (such as runDisney)? Creating a running costume? A sparkle skirt is the perfect place to start. Check out our running costume guide for suggestions & DIYs – it’s the perfect place for inspiration.
  • * Let’s talk safety… while our sparkle skirts weren’t designed with this in mind, it’s definitely an unintentional “side effect.” The way our products sparkle & shine when them come into contact with a light source, makes them a great option when running in the dark.

There you have it – some of our favorite reasons why you should run in a sparkle skirt. Trust us when we say, this is only the tip of the the iceberg. We didn’t even talk about how our sparkle skirts are also awesome for playing tennis, wearing as a beach coverup, or for a mid-race, unplanned, discreet bathroom stop.



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