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FREE Shipping on all US orders $50+
FREE Shipping on all US orders $50+

Sparkle Face Masks on Sale!

Athletics and sports are your life. You love to run, play pickleball, or tennis. But you also like looking cute and feminine. At Sparkle Athletic, we know just how you feel. Sparkle abounds here, and we want to pass it on to all our customers. Not only can you find great deals on fantastic leggings, running skirts, and more, but you can also buy a sparkle face mask

If You Have to Be Masked Look Good Doing It

Our masks coordinate with so many of our products. And we have several sparkle face mask for sale as well. You can choose from the following:

  • Donut face mask
  • Polka dot face mask
  • Mermaid face mask
  • Tie-dye face mask
  • Unicorn face mask
  • Ugly sweater face mask
  • Snowflake face mask

One of our favorites is the donut face mask. Pair it with our donut running skirt for a fabulously coordinated look. 

New in the Shop

We have some new arrivals we think you will like too. Our very own #teamsparkle sunglasses in our pink and turquoise colors lets everyone know whose team you are on. And be sure and check out our Run for the Bling performance shirt. So stop in and buy a sparkle face mask and sparkle up your look.


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