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FREE Shipping on all US orders $50+
FREE Shipping on all US orders $50+

Sparkle Big With Accessories

COVID-19 caused several of the normal Rock & Roll Races to get canceled or rescheduled, however as the country continues to reopen, more and more of the marathons are happening.

When you put together the perfect look for running with shorts or leggings, a sparkly running skirt and an awesome top, the only thing left is to add in fun accessories, and we have a ton of fun to bring the bling.

Headbands can be both functional and stylish for keeping the sweat out of your eyes while letting you sparkle while you run. Our Red and White Polkadot headband matches or contrasts as you wish, either way it is an eyecatcher.

Be a fully-fledged member of #TeamSpark by wearing one of our Power Wristbands. These lightweight creations look great on your wrist and show everyone that you are a member of our team.

Run so fast you feel like you could fly? We have WINGS. Available in white, pink, purple and rainbow, they make the perfect topping to your running look. Ours have plenty, along with elastic straps that sit snug on your shoulders to let you take flight with a 19″ x 19″ wingspan.

Capes are another fun addition. The faster you run, the more your cape flies behind you. Made from lightweight fabric to match our other offerings. Last but not least, show your #TeamSparkle spirit with one of our temporary tattoos.

Sparkle Athletic strives to be your one-stop-shop for fabulous running costumes fit for any event, including the Rock & Roll Races. Contact our team today to find out more. Don’t miss out on great deals like free shipping over all orders over $50!

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