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Showgirl Running Costume

When you’re running the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, running costumes are a must.  And what’s more perfect for the strip at night than a showgirl running costume? Sounds perfect for the Rock n Roll Vegas Marathon, if I don’t say so myself. And luckily, this is one costume for running that you can actually run in.showgirl-running-costume

Showgirl Running Costume

Ready to kick up your heels?  Are you a fan of the can can, or secretly long to perform in a burlesque show? If so, then the showgirl running costume, is perfect for you. Here’s what you’ll need –

Showgirl Running Costume Essentials:

* {one} red Sparkle Headsweats Visor
* {one} black feather headpiece (attach to the visor’s elastic)
* {one} red sports bra (if you don’t want to join the #sportsbrasquad, wear the sports bra over a nude colored or black tank top)
* red matching fringe trim attached near the bottom of your sports bra (sewn or glued)
* {one} pair of red Sparkle Sleeves
* {one} red Sparkle Athletic skirt
* {one} pair of “I Love to Run” Race Legs
* {one} pair of gold lightning bolt shoe Shwings
* {one} feather boa

Get NEARLY everything you need for your Showgirl Running Costume here.

Showgirl Running Costume Assembly:

Assembling the showgirl running costume is pretty self-explanatory. But, if you want to make it even more realistic, or if you want to add a little umph! to your costume for running, think about including one or more of the following running costume accessories –

Showgirl Running Costume Accessories:

* {one} matching red sequin choker
* {one} black garter
* {one} pair of matching red running shoes

Have fun creating your own showgirl running costume! For even more costumes for running ideas, check out our entire running costume guide.

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