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Running Visors are a Must

No matter the weather we are running in, no matter whether we are running indoors or out, we nearly always are wearing one of our running visors. What to wear on your head during a workout can be of utmost important. If you want to know why running visors should be in every runner’s closet, no matter the conditions they run in, keep reading.

Why Wear A Running Visor

*Keep Sweat Away. No matter if you run indoors on a treadmill or outdoors in the snow, wearing a running visor will help to keep sweat from running into your eyes. Crying when you finish a hard workout or cross a finish line should be due to an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, not because your eyes are stinging and burning from the sweat dropping in them.

*Cut Down On Glare. Speaking of snow, or the bright sun, having a visor with an all-black under-visor can assist in not only reducing glare but also eye fatigue.

*Add Sparkle And Color. Many runners feel comfortable wearing darker colors because they help to hide sweat on our clothing. Just because you prefer black bottoms or darker tops doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize with a little pop of color or sparkle, and your head is the perfect place to start. Whether you’re running in a local fun run or just handling errands around town, you can still feel comfortable while adding some extra personality to your activewear.

Interested in trying a running visor for yourself? We have an assortment of colors and patterns – whatever your mood, there’s a visor to express it while you run or relax in the sun. Our Sparkle Visors are style on the outside and substance on the inside. Made from a quick drying COOLMAX ® fabric shell with our signature Sparkle overlay, they also keep the blood, sweat and sparkle out of your eyes with a COOLMAX ® fabric terry sweatband. No matter how hard you run and play, your visor dries quickly. Featuring classic HEADSWEATS styling with an elastic band for the most comfortable fit, our Sparkle Visors are as light as they are glitzy.

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