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Race Day Running Essentials – @loveWDW5

Laying out your #FlatSparkle (the clothes & gear you’ll be rocking) prior to a race (or even a training run) can help calm some of the pre-run jitters by helping to make sure you have everything you need when the starting gun goes off. Today Jess, who can be found on Instagram¬†as @loveWDW5, is here to share with us some of her race day essentials.


Race Day Running Essentials

Favorite Running Shirt and Running Skirt

This flat runner was from the 2016 Walt Disney World 5K. Seeing as it was a Disney race, I like to make sure my shirts stick to the Disney theme! My go to race shirts for almost every race are Raw Threads. They are super comfy and fit perfectly. I love pairing them with my Sparkle Athletic skirts! This shirt particularly went well with the purple one!

img_5366Since it was January in Florida when the temperature is unpredictable, I made sure to wear some running crop pants under my Sparkle Athletic skirt. I also had a throw away sweatshirt! It’s always good to check the weather before the start of the race, and it’s always better to have layers to shed instead of not having enough!

Favorite Running Accessories

No matter what race I am running, you always find me with a Sweaty Band, Garmin watch, Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra, and my Asics running shoes! My gear always tends to have purple in it! At the Disneyland Half Weekend this year you can see my sporting my purple Sparkle Athletic skirt, purple Garmin Forerunner 220, and pink/purple Asics! Can you tell purple is my favorite color?


Favorite Running Fuel

When running half marathons or longer, I always make sure to have my own fuel. I prefer the Honey Stinger Honey flavored Waffles, but it is different for everyone. Make sure to find what works for you and don’t try anything new on race day (I unfortunately learned that the hard way). In addition to carrying fuel, you will always see me with my phone in my hand! On training runs I like to carry it in a hand band by HB Tune, but for races I like to out have it out and available. You never when you will want to take a picture of the beautiful scenery along the course, or if a character shows up!


A big thanks to Jess for sharing some of her race day essentials with #teamsparkle.

As we all know, race day can be a stressful time. One way to relieve some of the pressure is by making sure you have everything you may need when the starting gun goes off. Whether you are traveling across the country for a racecation or down the street for a local race, having a list and checking it twice to make sure you have all of your necessities can be the difference between a successful race and a stressful race.

Everyone is different when it comes to what they need or desire on race day, which is why we thought asking the amazing #teamsparkle community about their race day essentials could be a great resource for us all. Maybe it will serve as a reminder of something you forgot to pack or tip you off to a new product you’d like to try.

If you’d like to be featured on an upcoming Sparkle Athletic “Race Day Essentials“¬Ě post, please email us at raceday@sparkleathletic.com.

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