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Race Day Running Essentials – @tanoshegirl


Laying out your #FlatSparkle (the clothes & gear you’ll be rocking)  prior to a race (or even a training run) can help calm some of the pre-run jitters by helping to make sure you have everything you need when the starting gun goes off. Today Laurie, who can be found on social media as @tanoshegirl, is here to share with us some of her running race day essentials.


Race Day Running Essentials

Running is a funny thing. It seems so simplistic, but it can get a bit tricky. When you start, you’re not really sure what you’ll need except for your feet and your shoes. From there, you learn to figure things out rather quickly. After four years of running, I essentially know exactly what I’ll be wearing and using on any given race day. My go-to gear is rather specific because it’s what works for me. I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up.


Favorite Running Shoes

On my feet, I wear New Balance. For distances of a half marathon or less, I wear the Fresh Foam Zante. For full marathons, I wear the 870v3. I have very narrow feet with high arches, so Planar Fasciitis is an issue for me. With the New Balance arch support insole in these model shoes, I am golden. If I have any worry at all, I just use KT Tape and it works like a charm. To give my shoes their own personality, I like to put on Shwings and a Momentum Jewelry Footnote. This makes my feet as happy as they can be.

Favorite Running Socks

Before I step into these shoes, I obviously need socks. Pro Compression makes super fun options in colors and prints that work great for coordinating with my outfits. I also like the Speed Sock made by Lululemon for warm days and those come often during the year here in Southern California.


Favorite Running Shorts

Moving up and staying with the brand, I prefer the Lululemon Sculpt Short. If you know what those shorts look like, you’ve got to be thinking “She’s crazy!”, but hear me out. The reason I like those shorts is because they marry well with another necessity of mine and that’s Sparkle Athletic. Team Sparkle, as they are more commonly referred to as; make these amazing skirts that brighten up every mile I run. They are so lightweight I forget I’m even wearing one, but I’m reminded when I receive compliments on how cute they look. Even better, Team Sparkle is a community of women encouraging and supporting one another and that’s where I want to be.

Favorite Running Tank Top

As for what I wear on top that changes as the seasons do. While I’m a sucker for a Lululemon Cool Racerback tank in a bright color, I have the tendency to mix this piece of clothing up depending on how my mood strikes me or what is fun for that particular race. One thing for certain though is I will always be in a New Balance Fabulous Framer sports bra. It’s the only one I have ever found that I absolutely fell in love with from the moment I put it on. In addition, while not everyone finds a hydration belt necessary, I do. I found the Fitletic Ultimate works perfectly for my needs and I use it for long distance races. As far as race fuel, I like the Clif Bloks, Barney Almond Butter and Honey Stinger Gels.


Favorite Running Visor & Running Accessories

I typically wear a Sparkle Athletic visor since it matches perfectly with my skirt and since they are made by Headsweats, they are sure to keep the sun and sweat out of my face. Win-win. For inspiration and a little pizazz, I wear Momentum Jewelry Motivate Wraps. My running watch is the Garmin Fenix 3 and I’m still finding out new things it can do every day. Lastly, I just recently started wearing Qalo bands after asking my friends about them. They make my husband happy because he’d prefer I was a married lady when I run too.


A big thanks to Laurie for sharing some of her race day essentials with #TeamSparkle.

If you’d like to be featured on an upcoming Sparkle Athletic “Race Day Essentials” post, please email us at raceday@sparkleathletic.com.

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