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Running Leggings: What to Look For

With cooler weather right around the corner, many runners will soon be swapping their running shorts for running leggings, pants and tights. Although the colder temperatures can make for ideal running conditions, there are a few features we would highly recommend you take into account and prioritize when looking for your perfect running bottoms.

group of women wearing running leggings

Running Leggings Fabric:


Finding the ideal blend of materials in your leggings may seem tough, but we believe our 80% nylon, 20% spandex fabric is near perfect. Nylon is stronger than polyester and unlike polyester, it repels oils, which means it won’t smell as bad after multiple wears. Our made in the USA fabric is woven together with a bit of spandex, which lends its invaluable elasticity to the thread.


We’ve all had it happen. Whether you’ve felt the chafing occur while running or maybe you don’t discover how much you rubbed until your shower, but we’ve all been victim to the dreaded chafe. Making sure your leggings fit snug so there is no extra material to rub on your body parts, along with having flat seams that stay still while exercising is extremely important to prevent the pain and agony of chafing.


We’ve all heard the saying, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle”, which we absolutely stand by, but that “sparkle” can still be a little stinky. Having an anti-microbial material in your running leggings will make it so you can stay smelling fresh while you continue to sparkle.

Running Leggings Features:


This goes without saying. As runners (whether we are hammering a hard workout, enjoying a long run or running errands around town), we have essentials we often need to carry with us and pockets can be the perfect place to store those necessary items.

Running Leggings

If you are in search of the perfect leggings, look no further than our running bottoms. They check off all the important boxes, plus a few extra like fun patterns and amazing colors. Our Sparkle Athletic Crops are proudly made in the USA from 80% nylon, 20% spandex fabric. The mid-rise elastic waistband provides a smooth and secure fit, and the flat seams keep you chafe-free. The exterior side pockets are a great place to stash essentials. Our Crops are quick-drying, stretchy, and breathable which allows sweat to wick away and keep you cool. And being anti-microbial means you stay smelling fresh while you continue to sparkle.

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