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runDisney Makes Running Fun

Why do we LOVE runDisney? Because we are big believers that if you aren’t having fun while you are doing something, you probably won’t stick with it for very long. There are plenty of ways to make running fun. You could add new music to your playlist or invite a friend to join (four-legged friends count too) or find a gorgeous route to run. Another suggestion is to sign up for an exciting race and runDisney fits the bill perfectly.

Why We Love runDisney Races

*All Levels Welcome. Although there are some competitive runners who will run a runDisney race, the majority of folks are there to enjoy the smiles and miles. This race series is a great place for beginners to test the waters in the running world and there is a race for everyone – ranging from kids’ races (including diaper dashes) to a full marathon.

*Entertainment. runDisney definitely keeps you entertained throughout the miles. Not only are you running through or around the theme park(s), but there can also be characters along the course for the perfect photo opp, cheer teams rooting for you to keep pushing, DJs with music blaring to help you groove through the miles, etc. Often times you will find yourself wondering where all the time went when you reach the finish line because the experience flew by.

*Friends. Not only do runDisney races tend to be a meet-up for people from all of the world, but they’re also great to invite friends to. Make a racecation (a vacation based around a running race) out of it. Spend the weekend enjoying the parks and top off the trip with a race or two.

*Costumes. runDisney races do not require a costume, but they can make the experience even more amazing. Imagine running through the castle dressed as Minnie Mouse, turning the corner and seeing Minnie herself! The twinning picture will make a forever memory. The key is looking for costumes that you can actually run in. Luckily, we have plenty ideas ranging from super heroes to princesses and everything in between in ourĀ running costume guide.

There are runDisney races throughout the year, so we’d recommend you check your calendar to see when you can fit one in and then register today. Hopefully we will see ya real soon!

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