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Run Disney Disneybounding

Needing to put together a Run Disney costume? You probably know from experience, whether it’s from your younger years or from your kid’s Halloween costumes, that traditional costumes are not made for runners. The fabric is thick and doesn’t breath well (it surely isn’t made with running long distances in mind), the fit can cause chafing (extra fabric rubbing in places for too long will be painful for more than just the time you are wearing the costume) and the accessories can be cumbersome or down right dangerous to run with (have you ever tried to run with a unicorn mask on?). With these reasons in mind, Disneybounding can be the perfect alternative when putting together a Run Disney costume.

Creating a Run Disney Costume is Easy

Your first question may be, what is Disneybounding? The easiest way to think of it is an outfit influenced by a Disney character. Disneybounding is a subtler way for people to show their love for Disney. Instead of wearing head-to-toe costumes, Disneybounders wear everyday outfits which take their inspiration from a specific character. Disneybounders think of a character’s clothes and style as a guide, rather than something to copy exactly.

By using a character’s clothes as your guiding light you can make a creative and easily recognizable Disney running costume with items potentially already found in your closet. We recommend using a technique called color-blocking, which is using the same color scheme found in the character’s clothes, to help come up with your race outfit.

For example, if you want to dress up like Donald Duck, you don’t necessarily need to cover yourself with feathers and wear a beak, you can simply put together a blue tank top, white sparkle skirt and yellow compression socks for your Donald inspired costume. Similarly, with a red visor, blue tank top and yellow sparkle skirt you can channel your inner Snow White without the need for a wig or bulky ball-gown. You can always add additional accessories and details to take your costume one step further, but they are definitely not a requirement.

Need more inspiration for Run Disney costumes? We have put together an assortment of running costume ideas.

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