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Reindeer Running Costume

We’re probably biased, but our Reindeer running costume is perfect for a holiday or Christmas run. Just because you’re a runner, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, wearing costumes for running. Some of our favorite races are perfect for running in costume, in fact – many of them actually encourage it –

If you’re looking for running costumes ideas that you can actually run in, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily, we have plenty ideas for costumes for running. Consider this your very own running costume guide.

Reindeer Running Costume

Reindeer Running Costume

Creating your own reindeer running costume is pretty quick & easy! I think even Santa would believe you’re one of his reindeer. Here’s what you’ll need:

Reindeer Running Costume Essentials

*one brown tank top or shirt (we suggest using white felt for the chest piece)
*one brown Sparkle Athletic Skirt
*one red Sparkle Athletic Visor with homemade (or store-bought) antlers attached
*one pair of Red with White Polka Dot Race Legs
*one pair of Red with White Polka Dot Sparkle Sleeves
optional: red running shoes (while they aren’t necessary, they really are the “icing on the cake.”)

Get NEARLY everything you need for your Reindeer Running Costume here.

Reindeer Running Costume Assembly

Assembling the reindeer running costume is pretty self-explanatory – but once you’re dressed, voilà! A quick and easy costume that is perfect for the holidays.

Have fun creating your own costumes for running. For even more costumes for running ideas, check out the entire running costume guide.

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