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#TeamSparkle Polka Dot Virtual Run


Love polka dots? Sparkle Athletic has you covered. You can get all the polka dot-themed fitness inspo you’ve been looking for during our upcoming virtual run event starting Friday, April 24th. The theme is, well, polka dots!

Already got some #teamsparkle apparel? You can coordinate a lot of our Minnie Mouse-inspired polka dot clothes with a broad array of running apparel!

Why Participate in a Virtual Running Event?

A virtual running event is a perfect way to start your fitness journey, or keep yourself motivated during these uncertain time. Races may have been postponed or cancelled, but running hasn’t. A virtual “race” is the perfect way to put the fun back in your run, while engaging with a supportive and positive community that is happy to help and inspire you along the way.

Polka Dot Virtual Run

Participating in our weekend running events is easy as pie.Here’s how you can join in on the fun:

Step 1

Choose a running location that is safe and comfortable or work out at home! You can run, walk, jog, bike, hit the treadmill, or engage in your preferred cardio activity.

Download a #teamsparkle Polka Dot Virtual Run bib:




Step 3

Make sure to wear something that fits the theme, & snap some pics and videos and share them on social media! Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we want to see what you’ve got going on. Tag your pics with hashtags like #teamsparkle, #flatsparkle, and #teamsparklevirtualrun. We’ll be sharing your awesome outfits, virtual medals, and anything else you wish to add to your workout story.

Step 4

Invite friends, family, your running group, and anyone else who wishes to join to get in on the fun of the Polka Dot Virtual Run! The more, the merrier. We want to bring the community together and cheer everyone on during their exercise efforts.

Step 5

Make sure to follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram & twitter), so you are notified when we post your VIRTUAL medal.


While our usual running events are currently off the table, to keep everyone safe, we want to bring the community together and introduce more people to the joys of combining fitness and flair to create fun and motivating workouts. After all, isn’t it more motivating to do things that make you feel as fab as you look? Rock the polka dots and have fun with the Sparkle Athletic community while you do! Contact us on our site or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more information about our weekend virtual run events.


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