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Meet #teamsparkle – @itskatierachel

We think THE best part about Sparkle Athletic are the AHH-MAZING people that make up #teamsparkle. We are so incredibly lucky to “meet” (IRL and virtually) so many team members, but we thought it’s about time we introduced the people that make up this inspiring & motivating community.

With that being said, it’s time to meet a member of #teamsparkle. Up next is the ever so sweet @itskatierachel!


Tell us about your past race/running experience:

Katie: I signed up for my first 5k as an incentive to get fit after delivering my twin boys in December of 2012. A Disney fanatic, it was a no-brainer to choose the Wine & Dine weekend as my first running experience. After that 5k, I was hooked, and immediately began researching more RunDisney events. I found that I could fundraise for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals while running the Princess Half Marathon that February, and there I found what would become my passion – running for others. CMN Hospitals is an organization I am grateful for, as they were instrumental in providing care for my preemie twins, and for subsequent care for hearing loss. I have run every Princess race since, raising over $4,500 for the organization that is so dear to my heart.


Running for others took on new meaning while working at a Sparkle Athletic booth at Iron Woman in 2015 when I saw a really awesome group of people wearing pink shirts that read Ainsley’s Angels. We got to talking, and I immediately knew I had to be an Angel. In addition to ensuring everyone can experience endurance events, we also aim to build awareness though inclusion and activism throughout the community. There is nothing like crossing a finish line with an Angel Rider – it is a shared joy that every runner should experience.


As I continue to grow as a runner, I like to find new and exciting challenges. This year I will compete in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C., and test my limits for distance by completing my first ultra marathon.

We are so glad you are a part of #teamsparkle. When did you first join and what color was your first skirt?

K: I wore Sparkle for my very first race in 2013! I costumed as R2D2 for the Wine & Dine 5k, and wore a gunmetal skirt. It was the perfect first skirt to purchase and has probably seen over 30 races.


What/Who inspires you to continue running?

K: Definitely my children, Logan and Lennon, as well as the children I run for. The bonds our family has made with other CMN and Ainsley Angels families are invaluable. I also know I am setting an example for them to stay fit and live healthy lives. When I have a bad day, or don’t want to run, I think of the people that running has brought into my life and I have to get out there and go.


We all know how much #teamsparkle loves their treats as much as they love running… What’s your favorite indulgence?

K: My absolute favorite treat is the rice krispie treats with chocolate drizzle from the Main Street Bakery in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Which Sparkle Athletic product is your favorite “go to”?

K: My white visor. It matches everything, and I find myself wearing it all the time – even when I’m not running!


What is one of your favorite parts of racing in a Sparkle Athletic skirt?

K: I love the mixture of looking cute while still kicking butt. The sparkle makes running fun!


Thank YOU so very much for “joining the team.” Individually each & everyone of you is amazing, but as a “team” we ROCK.

Everyone has a story, and we want to hear YOURS! The #teamsparkle community is such a loving and inclusive group, but often times we are tackling our runs solo. Knowing your teammates can help you to feel more a part of the running community.

If you would like to share your story, whether it is about how you got started running, what motivates your running, why you love running, or how running has changed your life, please let us know! We would love to feature you on an upcoming “Meet The Team“ post – so email us at meettheteam@sparkleathletic.com!

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