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Jailhouse Rock Elvis Running Costume

When you’re running the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, running costumes are a must. And what’s more perfect for the strip at night than an Elvis running costume? Sounds like a costume for running that will fit right in at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas Marathon.


Jailhouse Rock Elvis Running Costume

Elvis is the undeniable King of Rock & Roll. & If you want to be the undeniable King Queen of your race, then this Jailhouse Rock Elvis running costume, is perfect for you. Here’s what you’ll need –

Jailhouse Rock Elvis Running Costume Essentials:

* {one} black Sparkle Athletic Headsweats Visor or Elvis inspired wig. (Although, we’d recommend the visor, running in a wig can get very, very hot).
* {one} black tank top (we’d suggest adding a “prisoner number” for an authentic look… here’s some trivia for you, Elvis wore number 6239  in the movie, however in the video he wore 6240)
* {one} midnight black Sparkle Athletic skirt
* {one} pair of midnight black Sparkle Athletic sparkle sleeves
* {one} pair of black and white “jailbreak” stripe race legs
* {one} pair of silver wing shoe Shwings
* optional:  black running shoes

Get NEARLY everything you need for your Elvis Running Costume here.

Jailhouse Rock Elvis Running Costume Assembly:

Assembling the Jailhouse Rock Elvis running costume is pretty self-explanatory… but once you’re dressed, voilà! An Elvis inspired running costumes DIY style.

Have fun creating your own Elvis running costume! For even more costumes for running ideas, check out our entire running costume guide.

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