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The Perfect Virtual Disney Run Outfit

Putting together a virtual Disney Run outfit is easy when you use Sparkle Athletic as the foundation for your outfit. Choose a classic character such as Cinderella or The Little Mermaid. If you have a favorite Magical Kingdom Mouse, whether it is Mickey or Minnie – we have you covered.


We put together a fast and easy foundation, add all the magical elements to your running look to make it your own. You will need a white tank top, a pale blue Sparkle Athletic running skirt, a white Sparkle Athletic tiara visor, a pair of silver or white Sparkle Athletic Sparkle sleeves, and cap off your look with a pair of silver crown shwings.

Light the way as Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. Here is how to dress up as your favorite candlestick. You will need a white running visor, although a yellow or gold visor would work as well. Add in a yellow tank top (or shirt), top it off with a pair of gold Sparkle Sleeves, flow with a yellow Sparkle Athletic Running Skirt and lastly, a pair of Gold Lightning Bolt Shoe Shwings.

And that is just two character ideas. The key to planning your running costume is to use the colors in the design of the Disney character to choose the primary color for your outfit. If you need any help putting together your own outfit, talk to us- we are always glad to help and tag us online at #teamsparkle when you post a photo of your own run outfit.

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