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Favorite Run: Ballona Creek Bike Trail

There are so many amazing places to run that we want to help spread the word about some of your favorites. Maybe you will be visiting a new area and looking for a great running trail or in search of your next racecation. Whatever the case, we hope to highlight some of the best places to run around the world!

Up next to share her favorite run is Kelsey (@MsKelseyTara on Instagram). She shares with us her favorite place to run and her favorite places to eat post-run…

Favorite Run: Ballona Creek Bike Trail, Culver City, CA

Runner: Kelsey

Location: Ballona Creek Bike Trail, Culver City, CA

Address: The bike trail along the creek starts at Syd Kronenthal Park at 3459 McManus Avenue Culver City, CA, but there are also several other entrances along the trail.

Fun Fact: Ballona Creek and Lagoon are named for the Ballona or Paseo de las Carretas land grant, dated November 27, 1839. The Machado and Talamantes families, co-grantees of the rancho, heralded from Baiona in northern Spain

Distance: As long as you want! The path itself is 7 miles each way, but you can add on mileage on the beach bike path in either direction.

Difficulty: Overall the trail it pretty flat, but there are grades each time the trail dips below surface streets.

Why You Love It: I love running Ballona Creek because it allows me to tailor my run to whatever length I want. From the top of the trail to Marina Del Rey and the ocean is roughly 7 miles each way. At the Marina, I can continue on to the beach bike path and take it either north toward Santa Monica or south toward Manhattan Beach, adding on as much mileage as I need for that particular training run. And who doesn’t love running on the beach? And since the lower half of the trail winds through wetlands there is a lot of diverse bird life to view.

Parking: According to the Ballona Creek website (available here http://ballonacreek.org/bike-path/), there is free parking near many of the entrances in residential areas.
Favorite Place To Eat Post-Run: I love to eat in Downtown Culver City, either at the Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa (https://www.conservatorycoffeeandtea.com/) if I’m in a coffee and pastry mood or Cafe Vida (http://www.cafevida.net/) if I feel like a full breakfast. Both are a little more than a half of a mile off of the Duquesne exit of the Ballona Creek Bike path. After food, have fun browsing downtown Culver City, the home of Sony Studios!

A big thanks to Kelsey for sharing her favorite run with us. We hope that this series turns into a list of super cool runs across the country and even internationally – that way if you are ever in the area you know of a recommended route from a fellow #teamsparkle member.

If you’d like to be featured on an upcoming Sparkle Athletic “Favorite Runs“ post, please email us at favoriteruns@sparkleathletic.com.

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