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Favorite Run: Malibu Creek State Park

There are so many amazing places to run that we want to help spread the word about some of your favorites. Maybe you will be visiting a new area and looking for a great running trail or in search of your next racecation. Whatever the case, we hope to highlight some of the best places to run around the world!

Up next to share her favorite run is Becky of @imarebelpilot. She shares with us her favorite trail to run (you’ve probably seen it on TV), and her favorite place to eat post-run…

Favorite Run: Malibu Creek State Park, Calabasas, CA

Runner: Becky

Location: Malibu Creek State Park, Calabasas, CA

Address: Grassland Trail – 34°05’48.6″N 118°42’58.6″W

Fun Fact:

If you run 3 miles on the trail and follow the signs, you will hit the MASH site where they used to film the TV show MASH. I have attached a photo of me in front of the sign on the show, a sign w/ some info of the location while shooting and one of the peaks thats pretty noticeable in a lot of episodes. 


You can get up to six miles done (three in and three out)


Not too bad. A lot of families hike in. There’s a couple big hills but they’re awesome for getting hill work in!

Why You Love It:

The views are amazing. We’re in a serious drought so everything is dry and kind of dead but if you go early in the morning like I do, the sun rises are amazing. And the colors on all of the mountains are gorgeous. Also, if you go early in the morning your chances of spotting some deer are pretty high!


If you get there early you can park on the side of the road at the Grasslands trailhead. Otherwise you can pay about $12 to park in the Malibu Creek State Park parking lot and take one of the trailheads there to the MASH site.

Favorite Place To Eat Post-Run:

Usually I go straight home after and drag my boyfriend to a local restaurant called First Street Restaurant (it’s on First Street!) and have some delicious breakfast!

A big thanks to Becky for sharing her favorite run with us. We hope that this series turns into a list of super cool runs across the country and even internationally – that way if you are ever in the area you know of a recommended route from a fellow #teamsparkle member.

If you’d like to be featured on an upcoming Sparkle Athletic “Favorite Runs“ post, please email us at favoriteruns@sparkleathletic.com.

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