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Favorite Run: The Charles River Path

There are so many amazing places to run that we want to help spread the word about some of your favorites. Maybe you will be visiting a new area and looking for a great running trail or in search of your next racecation. Whatever the case, we hope to highlight some of the best places to run around the world!

Up next to share her favorite run is Kelly, @wings_and_fur. She hails from the Boston area and has spent many miles and countless hours along the Charles River Path, so of course it was the first spot that came to mind when deciding on her favorite run to share with the #teamsparkle community. If you are ever in the area, Kelly strongly suggests that you make sure to get in a few miles along this path.

Favorite Run: The Charles River Path
in Boston, MA

Runner: Kelly

Location: Charles River Running Path – Boston & Cambridge, MA

Address: Storrow Drive (Boston side) and Memorial Drive (Cambridge side)

Fun Fact:

If you run on this path in the early mornings on the week leading up to the Boston Marathon, you will have the elites for company. I’ve even spotted Meb.


Choose your own adventure; typically 5 – 8 miles. I like to start by the Hatch Shell (home of the July 4th Boston Pops concert) and loop over past the Museum of Science to the Cambridge side of the river and back via the Mass Ave Bridge (gives you a great view of the Fenway Park Citgo sign from the bridge).  (the map below starts at a local gym. I typically run down Cambridge Street to the Hatch Shell and go from there).


Easy and flat.  You’re running at sea level (and sometimes below!)

Why You Love It:

I work in Boston and this path is not only easy to get to, but scenic.  The cherry blossoms in the spring, the foliage in the fall and I’ve spotted great blue herons and hawks during runs.  It’s maintained year round too, and its fun to see other brave souls out on cold wintry days.


Limited street parking on the Boston side, but there are a couple of lots on the Cambridge side.  Its also easily accessible by mbta subway. Red line Charles/MGH stop and Green line Science Park stop.

Favorite Place To Eat Post-Run:

I’m a Dunkin Donuts girl – there’s nothing like grabbing a coffee (or much needed donut) after a run from any of the multiple locations. 

A big thanks to Kelly for sharing her favorite run with us. We hope that this series turns into a list of super cool runs across the country and even internationally – that way if you are ever in the area you know of a recommended route from a fellow #teamsparkle member.

If you’d like to be featured on an upcoming Sparkle Athletic “Favorite Runs” post, please email us at favoriteruns@sparkleathletic.com.

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