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Disney Running Costumes: Quick and Easy

If you are looking for Disney running costumes, we have an idea or two. We have found that the best gear to run in is apparel that you don’t have to think about. No one enjoys running while they are constantly pulling at their sports bra, tugging on their shorts or having to stop to retie their shoes. So, when creating Disney running costumes we would suggest heading to your closet (or the Sparkle Athletic website) for running specific apparel that can be used within a costume (instead of say a Halloween costume that doesn’t take movement, sweat and chafing into account).

Although running in a costume is not a requirement for a Disney race, it is definitely encouraged and can make the experience even more magical. But don’t worry, even if you aren’t creative or crafty you can still join in on the fun. We have a ton of Disney running costumes suggestions that you can choose from (or maybe they will spark your imagination on another idea you’d like to try).

Disney Running Costumes

*Princess Costumes. Are you looking for a costume idea fit for a princess? We have a template for all of the strong female characters you may be looking to emulate. You can either head to your closet and see what items you already own to make a princess costume or you can pick your favorite leading lady and find pieces to work with her color scheme.

*Super Hero Costumes. Maybe the daughter of a king or queen isn’t the route you want to take. Maybe you are looking for a crime fighting, booty kicking super hero instead. Whether you want to be a hammer-wielding god of thunder, have incredible superhuman physical super powers or have your very own powerful “suit of armor”, we’ve got a costume for you.

*Classic Costumes. Maybe you are looking to go back to the basics and run as your favorite Disney character from childhood. Whether your childhood favorite was a dog, a mouse or a duck, we have the perfect costume idea for you.

Whatever costume you decide on, make sure to have fun! You don’t have to have the costume exact to have it read as the character. Remember, using similar colors to that character and adding an extra detail or prop here or there can make a huge difference.

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