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Why Athletic Skirts Are The Best

Here’s the deal – when it comes to choosing what bottoms to wear when you head out to run, you have tons of different options – shorts, leggings, skirts, capris, etc. & While we are definitely biased, we prefer athletic skirts.

If you want to find out why skirts are the best choice for your running gear, keep reading:

Why Wear Athletic Skirts?

* Skirts put a feminine flair back into an running wardrobe that can often be drab and a bit masculine. Females not only want to feel strong, but beautiful as well and wearing an athletic skirt while running, playing tennis, strength training, biking, or just running errands around town is one way to bring beauty back into your attire.

* We believe running is more enjoyable when you’re having fun. It’s hard not to smile when rocking sparkly, colorful, attractive running apparel. And when you smile, you’ll make everyone who sees you smile too, which generally results in a few extra cheers or “atta girl’s” when crossing the finish line or busting out that final rep.

* Skirts act as the perfect cover while you’re running. They can shield your sweat marks or even be used to aid in a mid-race, unplanned, discreet bathroom stop. Because athletic skirts sit slightly away from the body, they can conceal areas you’d prefer not to expose. With that being said, if you wear a running skirt “shell”, meaning it does not have an attached bottom, you can wear it over a base layer you feel comfortable in – whether that’s a pair of running shorts, compression shorts, or even leggings.

There you have it – some of our favorite reasons why you should have an athletic skirt (or seven) in your activewear collection. Trust us when we say, this is only the tip of the the iceberg. We didn’t even talk about how athletic skirts are also a great way to make a statement or add color to your wardrobe, are cooler in warm weather environments, can be a great motivating factor, and feel less restrictive than traditional running attire.

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