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2014 Richmond 1/2 Marathon



Name : Roxanne


What race did you run? I ran the Richmond Half Marathon


Why did you sign up for this race? I signed up because I have friends who did it last year and they said it was a good race. Plus I love hills and I heard that it was a little hilly. It was also on my marathon plan as a training run 🙂


What/Who Inspires You to Run? I broke my C-1 vertebra in a bad car accident in 2003. I am lucky that my spinal cord wasn’t damaged and that I can still run. I was a runner before my accident, but now I don’t take the fact that I can still run for granted!


What is your  best training tip? Be consistent. Even when you don’t feel like running, just get out there and do it.


Water or Sports Drink? Water for shorter runs. Perpetuem for runs of 2+ hours. EFS for hot summer days.


Tell us about the outcome of the race: I felt great!! I only stopped one time at mile 2 to shed some clothing, but didn’t stop running at any other point of the race. This was a training run, so I wasn’t racing it, but I still ended up with a decent time. 2:06:44. I knew after this run that, barring injury, I won’t have any problems with my upcoming marathon!


Your favorite post-race indulgence: A nice hot shower.


Favorite part of racing in a Team Sparkle skirt? The Sparkles!

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