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2013 Susan Komen Race for the Cure




Your Name: Nicole

What race did you run? Susan Komen Race for the Cure 15k Challenge

Why did you sign up for this race? We had a team for Bridget who fought breast cancer and lost her battle earlier this year. She was diagnosed at 21 and passed away at 29.

What/Who inspires you to run? My friends and good causes

What is your best training tip? Listen to your body…

Water or Sports Drink? Mostly water…

Tell us about the outcome of the race: This race was a 15k challenge with a 10k and 5k combo. My 10k finish time: 1 hr and my 5k finish time: 32 min  The atmosphere was high energy all morning. This is a great race for a great cause!

Your favorite post-race indulgence? Beer

Favorite part of racing in a Team Sparkle skirt? Being Sparkle-tastic!

Twitter ID: @Nic_Nole

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