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2013 Space Coast Half Marathon

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Your Name: Catherine


Tell us about your past race/running experience: I started running in September of 2011.  I had just singed up to run the Disney Princess 1/2 the following February to support a friend who needed me.  I never liked running before and when I started, could barely run more than 3 houses before I had to stop and walk.  I ran Princess with only ever running 4.8 miles at one time (I don’t recommend that!) but to this day, that race is still my PR!  I was hooked and fell in love with the half distance and race day excitement.


What race did you run? I ran the Space Coast Half Marathon (Dec 1, 2013)


Why did you sign up for this race? I had originally signed up to have this race be my ‘race for time’ race.  My 3 other halfs have been at Disney and I usually am having so much fun, and stopping for lots of pictures, that I just run to finish, not for a time.  This course is very flat and I knew that if I really stuck to my training I could reach my half time goal and get a new PR.  Then a few weeks after signing up I found out I was expecting our third baby!  So I went from wanting to PR to showing everyone out there that yes, you can be healthy and fit during a pregnancy.  I was 18 weeks the day of the half and felt so great the entire race.

The feeling I have after a good run or race is what keeps me running.  This is the first thing I’ve ever really done for myself and I really enjoy every moment.  It makes me a better mom, wife and friend.


What is your best training tip? Stick with it, low mileage is better than no mileage.


Water or Sports Drink? I like to mix them.  🙂  Sports drinks can be to sweet but I like that I don’t pee as much when drinking them.  ha!


Tell us about the outcome of the race: I was 18 weeks pregnant and hadn’t run more than 4 miles at a time during my pregnancy so my goal going into the race was just to finish in 4.5 hours.  I ran a 2/1 interval and had the fastest 10k split of all my races and was on track to actually PR!  I ended up walking 2.5 miles with some pain in my lower belly (should have worn a belly band) but finished the race strong.  I finished with a time of 3:25 and got to run the last .1 with my 5 year old, which made it officially my favorite finish ever.


Your favorite post-race indulgence? A slice of pizza and a cold beer, although after this race it was a cold coke.  😉


Favorite part of racing in a Team Sparkle skirt? All the comments and cheers I get along the way.  Everyone loves a little sparkle!

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