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2012 Chicago Marathon


1. Name: Tava

2. Tell us about your race experience:   I ran my first half marathon my freshman year of college and have been running ever since. I have run about 10 half marathons, a few ten-milers and many 5Ks.

3. What race did you run? The Chicago Marathon.

4. Why did you sign up for this race? I wanted to run another marathon to improve upon my time and Chicago is a race that I have heard nothing but positive reviews about. I also decided to run this one as a participant with Team LIVESTRONG. My dad is a cancer survivor and my aunt and a dear friend unfortunately lost their battles. It was important for me to use my passion and run for something good.

5. What/who inspires you to run? My dad. He’s a cancer survivor and last year had to have hip surgery and he’s already back out there running!

6. What is your best training tip? Listen to your body! There are many training plans out there and people that will tell you that you need to run everyday and need to have a certain amount of mileage every week. What I’ve learned is that what works for someone else, may not work for me. If I wake up and it feels like my body needs an extra day of rest, then I take the extra day of rest.

7. Water or Sports Drink? Water. Usually on my long runs I’ll take Gu Chomps or Gel, or Sports Beans with me so I drink water instead of a sports drink.

8. Tell us about the outcome of the race: 4:52:03 I believe was my official time. I had no idea how the race was going to go, I just knew I had to at least beat 5 hours. But I will definitely run this race again! So well organized and the first race I’ve ever run where there was literally fan support and every mile along the course.

9. Your favorite post-race indulgence?  Brunch! Pancakes, eggs, and a mimosa!

10. Favorite part of racing in a Sparkle Skirt? Everyone complimenting my skirt and seeing other sparkles skirts on the course as well.Additional info:

Additional info:
Blog: Tava’s Travels
Follow Tava on Twitter at @lavatava

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