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2010 Urban Cow Half Marathon



1. Name: Daphne

2.Tell us about your past race/running experience: One year ago, you couldn’t have dragged me out the door to run even just one mile.  One night, I told my husband that I would go for a little run with him.  A few weeks later, I ran my first 5k.  Until this weekend we had run three 5ks, all of them together.  I am slow, but keep trucking.

3. What race did you run? We ran the Urban Cow Half Marathon in Sacramento.  Our very first half marathon!

4. Why did you sign up for this race? We have had friends run this race before, and they said it was a lot of fun.  We always viewed those that ran “Cowtown” -as it used to be called- as such an inspiration.  We thought, “what better race to choose as our first half?”

5. What/who inspires you to run? My husband and I both started running to lose weight that we have gained over the past twelve years.  Our children inspire us and drive us to succeed at that goal.  Once we started actually enjoying running, I am inspired and motivated by those that run against all odds, that push through injury and obstacles to maintain a running lifestyle.

6. What is your best training tip? Listen to your body.  It will tell you when you are pushing too hard and doing too much.  Don’t be afraid to take a rest day because those could wind up being more important than the actual training days.

7. Water or Sports Drink? Sports drink during and after, water water water all day long in between.

8. Tell us about the outcome of the race: We finished together at 2:48:53.  Our goal was to finish in 2:45 so we were a little above that, but in the end, I am extremely excited that we finished!  We were slow, but we didn’t walk once and that was the true goal.

9. Your favorite post-race indulgence? Chocolate milk and bananas!

10. Favorite part of racing in a Sparkle Skirt? All the other racers, spectators, and volunteers that took the time to say, “Hey, nice skirt!!”  I also felt like I was smiling the whole time.  Every time I looked down I could see the skirt sparkling away and even in my shadow I could see it’s outline.  It made me happy every time.

Additional info:
Blog: www.puttinupwiththerain.blogspot.com
Race Recap HERE.

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