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2010 Omaha Half Marathon



1. Name: Randi

2.Tell us about your past race/running experience: Prior to February 2010, you would never have pegged me as a runner. I hated the mere thought of running. However, I was tired of not fitting into clothes (and the tears that were shed with that process) so my husband encouraged me to run. It may not be the easiest way to lose weight but it’s fairly quick and very effective. Then I started training to run a half marathon.

3. What race did you run? I ran the Omaha half marathon in Omaha, NE alongside my husband, Anthony.

4. Why did you sign up for this race? Initially I wanted to run the full marathon but the time commitment was not something I could do, so I scaled my pipe dreams down to a half. I needed a goal to push myself to keep running and wanted to show myself I could run 13.1 miles consecutively.

5. What/who inspires you to run? I’m a Christian so I believe my body is God’s temple. He only gave me this one body and I want to take care of it. I’m also a former fat kid and don’t want my kids going through the same self-esteem issues that go along with that. So if I can show them that exercise is just something we normally do, then it will be embedded (hopefully) as a lifestyle for them forever.

6. What is your best training tip? Keep going. There may be days that you don’t want to run or have a bad time when you run. But you’re out there and so many other people aren’t. You can inspire them and yourself if you just stick with it.

7. Water or Sports Drink? After really long runs, my husband makes me drink a sports drink (I am not a huge fan of the after taste they give me). Any other time, water and water and water.

8. Tell us about the outcome of the race: I ran this race sort of to celebrate dating my husband for 6 years. We ran it together, him mostly to support me. I didn’t walk any part of the race except the first porta potty stop. We finished, hand-in-hand around 2 hours and 34 minutes. It was such a positive experience in my life and I’m so proud I finished.

9. Your favorite post-race indulgence? I didn’t really indulge in anything out of the ordinary except chocolate milk (I know it’s not an abnormal post-race drink but it is for me). And I even had to share it with my 3-year-old son.

10. Favorite part of racing in a Sparkle Skirt? I loved that spectators were specifically cheering for ME. Yes, the “good job runners” is great, but “nice job, pink tutu [or skirt]” feels so much better! I even had a little girl in traffic poke her head out of the window, to tell me she liked my skirt. I felt beautiful while running!!

Additional info:
Blog: http://thesclub.blogspot.com
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