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Minion Running Costume

We’re probably biased, but our Minion running costume is perfect for any of the “Running Universal” races – including all of the races during the Minion run.

If you’re looking for running costumes ideas that you can actually run in, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily, we have plenty ideas for costumes for running. Consider this your very own running costume guide.

Minion Running Costume

Minion Running CostumeMinion Running Costume Essentials

* {one} yellow running visor, although a gold running visor would work as well
* {one} yellow tank top (or shirt)
* {one} pair of gold Sparkle Sleeves
* {one} yellow Sparkle Athletic Running Skirt
* {one} pair of Unicorn Stripe Compression Socks
* {one} pair of Silver Wing Shoe Shwings

Minion Running Costume Assembly

Assembling the Minion running costume is pretty self-explanatory. But, if you want to make it even more realistic, or if you want to add a little umph! to your costume for running, think about including one or more of the following running costume accessories –

Minion Running Costume Accessories

* Wear some royal blue suspenders, or make a your shirt “overalls”
* Wear some goggles on top of your visor

Get NEARLY everything you need for the Minion Running Costume here.

Have fun creating your own costumes for running! For even more easy running costumes, check out our entire running costume guide.

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