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2012 St. Malachi 5 Miler: Kimi



1. Name: Kimi

2.Tell us about your race experience: I’ve been a runner off and on since middle school running track and cross country in high school and college. After a few years of not enough running I finally got back into after the birth of my son and haven’t looked back since. Last year I completed my first marathon and am looking forward to years of running to come!

3. What race did you run? I requested the pink traveling sparkle skirt for the St. Malachi 5-Miler in Cleveland, OH. This is the first big race of the 2012 race season around here and I wanted to make a splash and kick off my season with some fun!

4. Why did you sign up for this race? It was my first race post-baby where I really fell in love with running again so I couldn’t wait to return this year and crush my previous time!

5. What/who inspires you to run? Running is my form of religion. I don’t go to church, but pounding the pavement for miles with time to think, reflect, dream, struggle, triumph and a million other things is how I keep my life together. I’m also inspired by my friends! I have a lot of very dedicated and talented running buddies.

6. What is your best training tip? Body glide!

7. Water or Sports Drink? I’m a nuun addict! I discovered it last year and haven’t looked back since.

8. Tell us about the outcome of the race: I totally crushed my goals during this race! I beat my previous course time by 9 minutes! 5 miles in 43:35 for a new 5 mile PR!

9. Your favorite post-race indulgence?  Chocolate milk

10. Favorite part of racing in a Sparkle Skirt? It was fun for so many other runners to tell me they loved my skirt, plus it’s fun to feel fast and cute at the same time!

Additional info:
Blog: A Slice of Kiwi
Race recap HERE
Follow Kimi on Twitter at @kimikay

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